Cleopatra’s Secret: Underarm Detox Mask

    Cleopatra’s Secret: Underarm Detox Mask

    Product Claim: Cleopatra’s Secret Underarm Detox Mask can powerfully pull out accumulated toxins and chemicals out from the skin. It can lessen the use of deodorants as it helps eliminate odor and absorb excess sebum. Out 3-day underarm detox treatment especially helpful after years of conventional deodorant use.

    Application: Mix the Underarm Detox Mask powder and water until you reach a chunky to lumpy consistency. Use your fingers to spread a small amount on the underarms. Leave this on for 15-20 minutes before washing off in the bath or shower. Just like face mask this should be applied 3-4 times a week.

    Underarm Detox
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    Overall Effect: Armpits are an area of the body that can naturally become smelly. Obviously we sweat and this can mean odor. A healthy bathing regime is of course a regular habit but sometimes the armpit could do with an extra bit of deep cleansing specially if you use commercial antiperspirants (deodorants) that contains a myriad of unpronounceable ingredients. Everything from heavy metals and phthalates to formaldehyde and pesticides, many of which pose serious health concerns. And even though you’re only applying these topically and in relatively small doses this might be even worse than eating them. Underarm Detox will super cleanse your armpits from the buildup that has accumulated in your follicles from using mainstream antiperspirant products for so long.

    My Take on the Product: I personally love the cooling effect it gives as soon as you apply the mask. For the next few days of continued use of the underarm detox mask you will feel squeaky clean. There was no odor or excessive sweating.

    Overall Thoughts: The very act of detoxifying my armpits makes me feel more at ease and that I’m taking care of a very sensitive and important area of my body. I highly recommend this to everyone specially people using commercial antiperspirants (deodorants).




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