Origins Maskimizer

    Origins Maskimizer

    Origins Maskimizer
    Origins Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer preps, primes, and optimizes skin for mask to follow. It improves spreadability and rinseability of masks while hydrating, soothing, and boosting skin’s radiance immediately. Great for use with every type of mask except peel-off, it softens skin and boosts hydration levels.

    Product Claim: Take masking to the max! Priming mist with Marine Algae Complex helps hydrate, soften and optimize skin’s condition so it’s fully prepped to enhance your mask experience. Just a quick spritz gets skin primed. Ready to reach its most flawless potential.

    Application: Close eyes before spraying to avoid getting the product in your eyes. hold bottle 10 inches away from face. Spray over clean skin. Lightly pat in. Then apply mask.

    Overall Effect: It helps hydrate, soften and optimize the skin’s condition to enhance your masking experience.

    My Take on the Product: I didn’t even know that a mask primer was a thing because to be honest before this there wasn’t. This is the very first mask primer and it is from origins called Maskimizer. It has Marine Algae Complex helps soften and hydrate so that your skin absorbs the mask benefits better.

    Overall Thoughts: I’ve been masking 3-4 times a week yes I’m so addicted to masking and for the longest time i would use a regular face mist/spray on my face and put a mask afterwards. Until recently a friend introduced me to maskimizer by Origins. What it does is it primes the skin to optimize and enhance the masking experience. Let’s say you put on a clay mask, what it does is it will prep the skin hydrates and condition it to make the skin more receptive to the best benefits. Overall I love this product it smells so good and it feels so good making my DIY spa experience at home to the next level. I would really recommend this to people who love to do masking this will surely take your masking to the maximum level. Let me know what you think! ^_^

    Price: 95ml =  PHP1,150.00
    Availability: Origins Philippines (SM Makati, SM Megamall, & SM MOA)




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