Hallyu Secret Clinic Opens First Branch in Greenhills, San Juan

    Mi-Yong Alliance (MYA), the country’s pioneer Korean Beauty Academy recently held the grand opening of its new office in Greenhills, San Juan City. Since 2016, MYA consistently introduces Korean skin care courses to Filipino clients, embarking a new milestone in beauty and cosmetics industry.

    Mi-Yong Alliance Hallyu Secret
    [Left to Right] Kris Candyd Sibal Philippine CEO of Hallyu Secret Aesthetics, LK Park Permanent Make-Up MYA’s head instructor, and Mr. Raphael Jang Mi-Yong Alliance, Korea Chairman
    With their skin care innovations, start-up entrepreneurs and established beauty clinic owners enroll to MYA, who are planning to add the unique techniques and standards to their list of services. Surprisingly, in just short span of time, MYA already built a reputation within the industry, acquiring students from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Certainly, Korean skin care has found its new home in Greenhills.

    Kris Candyd Sibal LK Park
    [Left to Right] Kris Candyd Sibal Philippine CEO of Hallyu Secret Aesthetics and LK Park Permanent Make-Up MYA’s head instructor
    Mi-Yong Alliance, Korea Chairman, Mr. Raphael Jang welcomed the guests and media with his inspiring speech, sharing the journey of MYA along with its Korean skin care clinic, Hallyu Secret Aesthetics. According to him, the past two years have been tough and challenging however, they managed to stay firm with their passion and dedication.

    Raphael Jang Mi-Yong Alliance
    Raphael Jang, Chairman of Mi-Yong Alliance, Korea Chairman of Beauty Korea Group, Thailand Director of Global Professional Artist Federation Director in Pretty Face Clinic, Gangnam Director of MICAH Beauty Korea Korea Medical Tourism Representative XY Professional Skin Care Co-Founder

    This all started with our hope to share quality skills and the latest trends to Filipinos. Our journey for the last 2 years was not easy. Kris and I would always fight about many things, there were a lot of times that we wanted to stop working and give-up. But as we make classes, batch after batch, there is a growing obligation and responsibility to our clients whom we consider our children in the industry. We could not stop aiming the best for them that why we keep giving opportunities to people grow with us as well. Some examples are our instructor course programs and K-Beauty Olympics. We know that this kind of programs will totally change their future,” Chairman Jang pronounced.

    Philippine CEO Kris Candyd Sibal introduces Hallyu Secret Aesthetics treatments, which finely cater wide range of solutions for every customer. Some of their advanced skin care services like BB Glow and XY Blush, Gold Therapy and Secret Semi-permanent mascara were discussed during the program.

    Hallyu Secret BB Glow and XY Blush, Gold Therapy and Secret Semi-permanent
    Hallyu Secret BB Glow and XY Blush, Gold Therapy and Secret Semi-permanent
    BB Glow Hallyu Secret Aesthetics & Beauty Training
    BB Glow gives instant glowing, flawless, poreless and healthy look in the face.
    BB Glow Blush Hallyu Secret Aesthetics & Beauty Training
    BB glow blush is a treatment that gives you rosy cheeks for months. Say good by to blush-make up, and flaunt that effortless glowing rosy cheeks the moment you wake-up.
    Hallyu Secret Secret Pigment for Semi-Permanent Procedures
    Hallyu Secret Secret Pigment for Semi-Permanent Procedures like Microblading, Eyeliner, and Lips Services.

    MYA has successfully made a reputation as the Korean beauty academy who consistently bring “first in the Philippines” beauty treatments. This is made true by the Korean style permanent make-up, BB Glow and Semi-Permanent Mascara which are widely available to many salons, clinics and skin care center today. Hallyu Secret’s system was adopted from a famous beauty center in Gangnam, Seoul named Pretty Face Clinic where in Chairman Jang is also one of the directors of the said clinic,” PCEO Sibal shared.

    Well-known for permanent make-up (PMU) techniques, MYA’s head instructor Ms. LK Park enlightened guests and media about their various services.

    LK Park Mi-Yong Alliance
    LK Park Permanent Make-Up MYA’s head instructor

    I am LK Park, I am here now in Philippines with a mission to spread quality skills among the Filipino PMU specialists. There are a lot of wrong cases in Philippines, a lot of clients go to us for correction of their brows. This is what our academy is famous for after all. PMU has evolved through time, today it doesn’t only focus on the brows, eyeline and lips, it became a procedure now for those who have scars, bald scalp, and those with dark areolas. It became a solution to cover-up the insecurities of people. Here at Hallyu Secret all these kinds of PMU services are available. From making your brows on fleek up to coveing the baldness of your head,” she stated.

    At the latter part of the event, MYA awarded plaques to their hardworking certified instructors, who greatly contributed to the growing influence of the institution.

    • Karen Alberto of Korean Beauty Institute
    • Erin Grace Aguidan of Elite Beauty Academy
    • Joan Uy-Dacio of HD Brows
    • Rowena Dela Cruz of R Brows
    • Myla Angela Nidea of M Seoul Aesthetics
    • Argentine Roldan of Argentine Roldan Training Center
    • Diana Sinag of Dynes Wellness
    • Ruthly Tan of Elora Academy

    Lastly, MYA gave recognitions to all Filipino participants, judges and winners of the recently concluded K-Beauty Olympics held last September 16, 2018 in Thailand.

    1st Place
    Kimberly Anne Rosales Lim
    Rochelle Zamora

    2nd Place
    Liezl Resco Reyes
    Irish Zolina Satura
    Delight Leuterio
    Iris Diaz
    Myla Cocon
    Miriam Hall
    Eroll Villamor

    3rd Place
    Mary Grace Trangia Aroy
    Chrisbi Orbase Manansala
    Donna Carlos
    Carmen Gennah Roman
    Vanerie Meneses
    Yszobel Esguerra
    Maria Monica Semana
    Sheryl Grace Herrera

    3rd Place
    Canniedy Penilla – Bulacan

    2nd Place
    Marilou Rogado
    Maria Veronica Zuño

    3rd Place
    Melody Fujii

    2nd Place
    Crescelda Alcazar

    1st Place
    Sarah Kaye Michelle Agustin


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