Multi-Masking: The Latest Skincare Craze

We all have different skin types and skin conditions which makes sense to use different products for each area of our skin that we want to improve—and multi-masking accomplishes that. Multi-masking is the latest beauty trend to take over social media think of multi-masking as creating a custom treatment for the skin troubles unique to each part of your face. Instead of using one mask that may address only one issue, you’re putting different masks with different purposes on the areas where they’re needed most, all at the same time.

Sometimes it feels like we are in a constant battle with our skin—trying a million products to make sure it’s glowing but not oily, acne-free but not dry, hydrated but not sweaty.

A face mask is an integral part of a regular skin care regimen. Whether you’re looking to fill out fine lines, rehydrate parched skin or detox congested pores, face masks are the secret weapon that takes your results to a new level.

One mask is never enough. You have to layer your products for the best results and address all your different facial skin needs at once. This is the new Instagram skin care craze called #Multimasking

As the name suggests, it’s essentially using different types of masks that are tailored specifically for your needs. The results look like a cross between classic contouring and tribal war paint.

It is actually a common practice in Korea. For Koreans, masks are less of a rescue product to slap on misbehaving skin and more of a habitual and integrated part of skin-care maintenance. “You don’t put on a face mask because your skin is acting up; you put on a face mask because you want to keep it looking good.” If there’s one thing that the Koreans are proud of, it must be their beautiful skin. They have such flawless skin and for a good reason!

So applying just one mask all over doesn’t really cut it.

Think of multi-masking as a customized facial and the best part of doing multi-masking is the more mask you use the better the selfie to up your IG game!

Your multi-masking experience will all depend on your unique skin type…but here are a few suggestions:

Type of mask: Moisturizing & Anti-aging

Where to put it: Forehead or cheeks
What it does: When your skin is thirsty, it helps hydrate skin without clogging pores.

Type of mask: Brightening
  • Cleopatra’s Secret Milk whitening face mask
  • Cleopatra’s Secret Hibiscus AHA face mask (pure healing clay)

Where to put it: Cheeks or chin
What it does: Lightens and brightens your skin.

Type of mask: Detoxifying
  • Cleopatra’s Secret Deep Pore Detox Face Mask

Where to put it: Forehead, nose, or chin
What it does: Wherever you tend to get breakouts, you can apply a thick layer of this mask. It works to clear pores of dirt and impurities, preventing your next pimple.

Type of mask: Oil Absorbing Face Mask

Where to put it: Forehead, nose, chin
What it does: It powerfully absorbs sebum / excess oil but don’t let it dry too long! Use it for not longer than 15 minutes and rinse off with water.

Type of mask: Pimple Soothing
  • Cleopatra’s Secret Pimple Soothing Face Mask

Where to put it: Areas prone to pimples, areas with active pimples
What it does: It gently soothes inflammation without ever drying your skin. Use it before your monthly visitor comes to help reduce major breakouts.

Multi-Masking Cleopatra's Secret Natural Skin Care
Multi-Masking: Cleopatra’s Secret Deep Pore Detox Face Mask & Seaweed Mermaid Face Mask

But as ridiculous as it may look, it’s a trend that’s practical and yields major complexion benefits when done right. The benefit of multi-masking is that you deliver the right nutrients to the parts of the skin that need them. Plus, it saves time, so you don’t have to do multiple masks all in the same day.

All suggested face mask can be purchased at Cleopatra’s Secret Skincare or Follow them on Instagram.




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