Cocky Pomade by Moe’s Professionals

    Cocky Pomade by Moe’s Professionals

    Cocky PomadeProduct Claim: Cocky Pomade is designed for every top-class guy – from classic to modern men. This uniquely-scented pomade has a strong hold that lasts all day without the stiffness to provide the maximum flexibility to cover every guy’s style. Cocky Pomade gives a moderate shine that keeps you looking sharp, and the important thing is that it washes out easily.
    Application: Dampen hair and rub a small amount of this pomade onto palm of hands and work with fingers through hair and style as desired. Work in with a comb for best results.
    Hold: Strong
    Finish: Medium-High Shine
    Best for: Side-parts, slick-backs, quiff and pompadours
    Cocky PomadeCocky PomadeMy Take on the Product: This is actually the first time that I’ve tried using hair pomade for men and it is life-changing it has a gelatinous texture and it’s water-based meaning, it’s also lightweight and has less shine unlike hair gel but not as matte as wax. Also since it is water-based it is easy to wash out unlike the the typical hair wax we use. Another good thing about this product is restyleable, you don’t have to re-apply or anything! You can just dampen your hair a bit and restyle it.
    Cocky PomadeOverall Thoughts: This is for those who wants medium hold without the heaviness. Cocky Pomade provides natural looking control, allows for easy re-styling throughout the day. VERY EASY TO WASH!

    Tip: Applying pomade to wet hair will give you more shine but reduces the amount of hold. Applying it to dry hair has the opposite effect, less shine, stronger hold.

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    Also featured at Village Pipol Magazine‘s April 2018 Health & Beauty Section written by yours truly. 

    Village Pipol Magazine Mens Grooming
    If your bathroom routine hasn’t evolved beyond shaving using a disposable razor and washing your face with the same soap you use for your body, it’s time to make some changes. @sylvestersy rounded up the most effective and essential men’s grooming products on the market in this month’s




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