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Monday, December 16, 2019

Tiger Balm Launches Plaster In The Philippines

Tiger Balm, which has long been an institution for healing and pain relief in the Philippines, is launching another innovative product line to help the hardworking Filipinos relieve their muscular aches and pains that come from a build-up of unaddressed and unrelieved stress. Filipinos of all ages and classes endure this kind of stress at all times, often without...

South Star Drugs Inc.’s Drop the Prefix

South Star Drug Inc's ECO Bag
We’ve seen viral videos about Persons with Disability working in places you didn’t expect them to. We’ve seen memes about how we’re supposed to treat them like they’re no different from us. But while it’s of course important that we share them on social media, and even talk about them with our loved ones, what is more crucial is...

Does Walking in Place Guarantee Weight Lose?

How effective is walking for weight loss?
Walking is an accessible means to add some action to your life and assist you in shedding that extra fat. Walking at a fast pace burns almost 260 calories for individuals who weigh 68 kilograms, or 150 pounds. Nevertheless, some occasions can more be challenging than others to go outside or work out on the treadmill for a sixty-minute long...

Get Fit and Beat the Summer Heat with SongkRUN 2019

Red Sports by Red Entertainment brings Thailand’s Songkran Festival in the Philippines! Get wet and wild as you experience SongkRUN 2019 this May 19 at CCP Complex. As part of RED Sports’ #Run4UrLife first year anniversary celebration, SongkRUN 2019 will surely soak you with fun and surprises. Registration Fee Sweat your hearts out with this 4 race categories! You can choose from 3k up to 16k course,...

Celebrate Philippines’ Rich Culture And Traditions With Festival Run

Festival Run 2019
It’s more fun in the Philippines! We don’t just offer world-class travel destinations, but festivals like no other. In fact, traditionally, we are known to be Capital of the World’s Festivities! Now, you don’t have to book a trip to enjoy what’s proudly Pinoy. Come and join us this upcoming Festival Run on March 10, 2019 at Liwasang Ulalim, CCP Complex....

Run 4 Every JUAN this March and win prizes from Sharp!

Calling all runners and fitness enthusiasts—Don't miss the opportunity to challenge yourself this summer with this obstacle course race! Sharp Philippines’ first ever #Run4EveryJUAN is just around the corner. That is why we list down everything you need to know about this year’s biggest pre-summer fun run event! To help you in planning out your next steps to secure a...

Spread All Kinds of Love This Upcoming Singles Run 2019

Singles Run
Throughout all these years, Valentine’s Day has become the special day for love and warmth. Couples happily sending romance to each other, placing the world in full heat and delightful energy - hence February is the most beautiful month of the year. However, not all of us will...

Qualimed Sta. Rosa Partners with Eye Bank Philippines

Qualimed Hospital Sta. Rosa Partners With Eye Bank Foundation Of The Philippines
QualiMed Hospital Sta. Rosa seals partnership with Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines through a MOA-signing ceremony during the launch of the hospital's Vision and Laser Center in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. QualiMed Hospital Sta. Rosa and Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines signed a Memorandum of Agreement during the QualiMed Sta....

Jamba Juice shows off the Better Blended Life through Ultimate

Over 500 people come together for a weekend of Ultimate frisbee at the first ever Jamba Juice Whirl’d Cup What do you get when you blend a plastic disc, a diverse community, and a thirst for new experiences? The very first Jamba Juice Whirl’d Cup, of course. Jamba Juice is focused on blending real whole fruits and veggies to create...