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Monday, October 21, 2019

CIMB Bank Announces 500,000th Customer

CIMB x GCash
CIMB Bank Philippines (CIMB Bank PH) today announced that it has garnered 500,000 customers, approximately six months after opening its doors for business in the Philippines. The milestone was reached anchored on a strong proposition of co-creation and partnership between CIMB Bank and GCash. The all-digital, mobile-first CIMB Bank PH, was launched in early 2019 with a goal of bringing...

How to Make Sure Your Grandparents are Financially Stable

Make Sure Your Grandparents are Financially Stable
Financial literacy is an important skill for any generation, and there are dozens of self-help books and seminars that can help any age group achieve this. However, one often-forgotten demographic when it comes to staying financially solvent is senior citizens. In the US, CBS News reported that tens of thousands of seniors are being driven into debt because of...

WTIA Secures Virtual Currency Exchange License From CEZA

WTIA Secures Virtual Currency Exchange License From CEZA
With the help of the regulatory and business framework in CEZA, the World Token Issuing Alliance (WTIA) will help companies and countries from around the world adopt emerging blockchain technology and embrace a new tokenized economy. The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority has granted an Offshore Virtual Currency Exchange (OVCE) Provisional Regular License to WTIA, paving the way for WTIA...

SAMSUNG PASS10N LAB with Sunnies Studios

Sunnies Studios
SAMSUNG is concluding its PASS10N LAB with a workshop with Martine Cajucom and Jess Wilson, the creative director and brand manager of retail powerhouse Sunnies Studios, respectively. The talk is designed to allow those part of the online community Samsung Members to ignite their passion in entrepreneurship, photography, videography, fitness, and gaming. For its last leg, the girls of...

Blockchain Firm LoyalCoin launches Pensionado Card

LoyalCoin Pensionado
Local Blockchain firm LoyalCoin, which also operates in United States, South Korea, Singapore and Japan among others, is launching “Pensionado" card, to give mass consumers an access on benefits, deals, and vouchers of the world's most recognized brands across the food and beverages, retail, and travel industries. During its public launch last May 18, the company announced that thru...

The 2nd Philippine Retail Summit Brings Retail Titans for an Exclusive One Day Conference

GenCX Philippine Retail Summit
The formidable entry of the Philippine Retail Summit last 2018 has signaled a new wave of retail-focused events to hit the country. Thus, back for its 2nd year with a magnetizing theme, “#GenCX: The Ultimate Retail Disruptor”, all set to happen on March 14, at SMX Aura Convention Center, Taguig City. There is no doubt that retail is experiencing...

Market Outlook 2019 & New Product Offering

Market Outlook 2019 SunLife
Sun Life Asset Management recently held a press conference last Monday, December 3, 2018. During the press conference, Sun Life Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Michael Enriquez discussed about the current market drivers in our country. He also mentioned about the lower oil price outlook and the controversial inflation rate of our country. At...

No More “FOMO” with RCBC Bankard Flex

"FOMO" the Fear of Missing Out - is an expression usually linked to the Millennials. The generation between 1981 to 1996 want to rack up on experiences and live their life to the fullest. While they have numerous #goals, they also value and give importance to being responsible. Taking the millennials aspirations and ideals in mind, RCBC Bankard has...

When is the right time for you to INVEST?

When is the right time to invest
“The best time to invest was yesterday. The next best time is TODAY." Do not delay. Save and Invest NOW before it becomes too late. Yes! I know you get the point. The next question you might be asking is How will you start? Well it just takes discipline and attention to a few common sense concepts like living on...

PH Market Outlook: What to expect in 2019?

Market Outlook 2019
Sun Life Asset Management recently held a press conference last Tuesday, October 2, 2018. During the press conference, Sun Life Chief Investment Officer Michael Enriquez talks about how to stay on track given the market outlook for the coming year. He identified the current market drivers and how inflation affects the growth of investments in the country. He also...