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Thursday, February 25, 2021

First-Ever World of Tequila Master Class in Manila

World of Tequila Stelios Papadopoulos
Last Friday, May 17th, 2019, Jose Cuervo®, the world’s number one tequila, hosted the World of Tequila at The Island, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The event featured the first-ever tequila master class in the Philippines with Jose Cuervo® Global Brand Ambassador, Stelios Papadopoulos! Held across major cities in Asia that started in Japan, the World of Tequila is a master...

Experience a breakthrough in cool with the new Mountain Dew Ice

Mountain Dew Ice
Sometimes following your passion means going beyond limits or shattering barriers. Pursuing what your heart desires takes guts, and sometimes you need a perfect boost, as you dare to define your own brand of cool. Mountain Dew, a brand known to champion thrillseekers, empowers you to break the ice and genuinely express yourself with their newest offering, Mountain Dew Ice....

The New Limited-edition Jack ‘n Jill Piattos Spicy Seafood

Piattos Limited Edition Aquaman
Last Friday, December 14 Jack 'n Jill Piattos held a special block screening of the much anticipated movie DC Comics film 'Aquaman' and launched its newest flavor, Spicy Seafood. Now, you can delight in your favorite hexagonal potato crisps with the savory taste of seafood with just the right kick of spice.

Maris Racal, Iñigo Pascual share how they refresh their lifestyles

MarNigo for Refresh
One thing that defines today’s generation of young Filipinos is that they have their own interests and passions that they strongly advocate. Some want to travel and see the world, pursue the highest possible educational degree, and even participate in volunteer programs. Then, there are individuals like Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual, who work hard to share their talents, entertain...

How to Get Glowing Skin from the Inside Out

Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass
The idea of detoxing is very popular right now, as we learn more about how toxins and environmental pollutants can accumulate in our body. Every once in a while, it’s good to “detox” and clean ourselves up. In the last few years, wheatgrass has made a big name for itself in the health industry and has been a staple of...

Summer has Come Early with Greenwich’s New Hawaiian BBQ Overload

Greenwich Hawaiian BBQ Overload
Greenwich, the number one pizza and pasta chain in the country, has unveiled the Hawaiian BBQ Overload— a new limited time offer pizza flavor that will blissfully remind you of warm, trouble-free tropical days spent idly with your closest barkada.   The Hawaiian BBQ Overload is another mouthwatering way of enjoying Greenwich's best-selling Hawaiian Overload, that is truly pinya-sweet and pinya-sarap...

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Shari Shari Kakigori House

Shari Shari Kakigori House
Shari Shari Kakigori House, the go-to place for authentic Japanese shaved ice desserts, will finally open its first store in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Global City. Much like outlets in Hong Kong, the Serendra branch has everything that has made Shari Shari Kakigori a favorite among those with a sweet tooth. Here are 10 good reasons why you should rush over...

Month-long Festival Celebrates Our Love Affair with Coffee

Breville Philippines
If you are asked to describe a cup of coffee using emotions, how would you answer? Would you say that it is happiness? Bliss? Energetic? Or maybe you would sum it up as comfort and warmth? For coffee enthusiasts, a perfect cup of joe is all these and more. There is no doubt that this beverage is a huge part...

DC Super Heroes Cafe launched a new wave of Atlantean dishes

Atlantean Dishes DC Super Heroes Cafe
Since DC Super Heroes Cafe opened its doors last June 2018, it has been serving customers with DC-inspired culinary creations to comic fans both young and old. Jason Momoa's highly anticipated superhero movie 'Aquaman' is just around the corner and to add more hype to the upcoming film,...

No Tricks, Just Treats! Carve Out Some Time To Enjoy Tim Hortons® Halloween Sweets

Tim Hortons Halloween Sweets
Tim Hortons®, Canada’s popular restaurant chain known to #makeyourdaygood, is all set to give everyone a spook-tacularly sweet time during the month of October. “Halloween is all about trick-or-treating, but this is no trick. To create an exciting and fantastic Halloween celebration, we are offering our loyal customers a mouth-watering dessert,” said Stephanie B. Guerrero, Marketing Director at Tim Hortons®...