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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Gadgets Of Joy

Gadgets Of Joy
Christmas is just around the corner! If you're starting to wonder which presents to buy for your loved ones, then you’re not alone. Good thing, our friends from OMG Feel Good Gadgets Store have put together the perfect gift ideas for your tech-savvy friends, family, lovers or even yourself. To help you get started, we’ve picked out our top 3...

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Unboxing and First Impressions

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro
Huawei Philippines had just released its latest smartwatch—the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. It is almost similar but with improved features and a more premium built to the Huawei Watch GT 2. Unlike the previous model, the new Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro features the use of more premium materials such as titanium case with sapphire glass and a ceramic...

Swimming With Gentle Giants at Tan-awan, Oslob in Cebu

Swimming With Gentle Giants
The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is one of the world’s gentlest giants. This slow swimming filter-feeder currently holds the record for the largest fish species in the world. The Whale sharks can reach incredible lengths of up to 40 feet and can weigh up to 30 tons. While intimidating in size, a whale shark’s diet consists primarily of plankton, and...

Review: SoundPeats Truengine 3 SE and SoundPeats TrueFree2

SoundPeats Truengine 3 SE and SoundPeats Truefree 2
Listening to music can positively affect your mood. It can make you happy, sad, calm or even pumped. However, a pair of tangled wired earphones can ruin the experience even before it begins. TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds are slowly becoming affordable, lightweight and easier to use, which makes them a great accessory for your smartphones. SoundPEATS® has been making excellent...

Review: Huawei FreeBuds 4i

Huawei FreeBuds 4i - listening to music
The new HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds is finally here, it was launched alongside the HUAWEI Band 6 in the Philippines. It builds upon the previously released FreeBuds 3i but with a cheaper price tag and better features. The FreeBuds 4i earbuds is one of the most affordable active noise-cancelling earbuds available in the market today and...

HUAWEI Watch 3 Unboxing and First Impressions

HUAWEI Watch 3
We all know that staying active is one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy. Having a perfect workout companion like the new HUAWEI Watch 3 helps you to track everything from heart rate to sleep patterns and workout goals on a daily basis. So if you’re in the market for an all-around stylish smartwatch then you...

Huawei MatePad T8 Unboxing and First Impressions

Huawei MatePad T8
The new Huawei MatePad T8 has a vibrant 8-inch HD display with an ultra-slim 4.9 mm side bezels and 80% screen-to-body ratio that is perfect for your entertainment and media needs. It also features an enhanced Eye Comfort Mode that helps protect eyes from blue light. Aside from this feature, users will receive an alert to adjust the way...

Review: Tesalate Sand-free Beach Towel

Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towels
Summer calls for warm sunshine and fun days spent on the beach. Whether drying off after swimming or lounging on the warm sand with sunscreen, a good beach towel is an absolute must. However, not all beach towels are created equal. No matter how hard you try to keep sand at the beach, it always seems to follow you back...

Get up to 25% off on selected Klean Kanteen products through Shopee’s Shop Green!

Klean Kanteen 12oz Insulated TKWide
We often hear that water is essential for your health, but why? Water is what fuels our basic functions, around 60 percent of our body is made up of water and is involved in many important functions, including: flushing out waste from your body regulating body temperature helping your brain function This...

Top 5 reasons to choose ASUS OLED laptops

ASUS ZenBook 13 OLED
ASUS was one of the first manufacturers to use stunning OLED displays in its laptops for creative professionals such as myself. Now they are introducing these amazing displays into an even wider range of laptops bringing stunning colors to everyone. But for today let's focus ourselves on the new ASUS ZenBook 13 (UX325), this laptop is equipped with a 13.3...