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Monday, April 6, 2020

Cleopatra’s Secret: Anti-Stress Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

Anti-Stress Matcha Green Tea Face Mask
Anti-Stress Matcha Green Tea Face Mask We all love drinking matcha green tea for its health benefits, but did you know matcha green tea is also an awesome face mask? Product Claim: Unwind from the stress by treating skin to a much needed respite with this nutrient rich mask. Matcha green tea and volcanic ash help replenish minerals and antioxidants while purging...

How to Get Glowing Skin from the Inside Out

Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass
The idea of detoxing is very popular right now, as we learn more about how toxins and environmental pollutants can accumulate in our body. Every once in a while, it’s good to “detox” and clean ourselves up. In the last few years, wheatgrass has made a big name for itself in the health industry and has been a staple of...

European Black Moor Mud

European Black Moor Mud
European Black Moor Mud Product Claim: Moor mud contains natural cell-regenerating properties and is a powerful antioxidant. It helps fight aging and alleviates acne and eczema. This is highly-beneficial and is also recognized for its ability to naturally balance the hormones, as it is also a rich source of phytohormones (plant-based hormones). Moor mud isn’t just one extract: it’s a thousand...

Achieve that Glowing and Even Skin Tone You’ve Always Wanted!

GlutaMAX Lightening Soap with Glutathione
Glowing and even skin tone used to be the trademark of actors and actresses or those who can afford to visit the dermatologist regularly. This is understandable because to have even skin tone, one has to spend thousands of pesos for regular skin maintenance procedures. But with new technologies, there are now options for regular people who aspire the...

Old Spice and Ducati Motorbike Honor Today’s Man with the Spice Up your Ride Raffle Promo

Spice Up your Ride Raffle Promo
A man’s man is not a man who shies away from the crowd nor a man who hides when the going gets tough. He is someone who is loud, proud, and stands out from the crowd by being their absolute best in every aspect, even in their personal care. Old Spice, the manliest grooming brand on the planet, has...

Give Yourself the Royal Treatment with a 24K Gold Leaf Facial

Hallyu Secret’s 24k gold facial treatment.
There’s no doubt that gold makes everything feel more luxurious, whether it’s dusted on top of truffles or added on our skincare routines. Yes, gold will surely make you feel like royalty. Oh and let’s be honest, it looks ultra-instagrammable. Nothing screams decadence quite like sporting actual 24K gold leaf as a quick-fix facial treatment. It might sound new to...


Face Mask - Lotus
SEPHORA COLLECTION: Lotus Face Mask Just in case, Someone out there who doesn't know what a sheet mask is, let me explain. A sheet mask is basically a DIY facial done at home. It is a thin paperish-fabric much like the regular facial wipes but cut in the shape of a generic face. single-use mask saturated in a serum that...

Cleoptra’s Secret: A Royalty’s Secret To Perfection

Cleoptra’s Secret A Royalty’s Secret To Perfection
Thousands of people are willing to spend a stash of cash just to achieve a royalty-like skin that is glowing, portraying a healthy skin to everyone. Aside from having millions who are obsessed with skincare, some have not found their perfect skin set that fits their needs. Have you been looking for a skincare that would fit perfectly for...

The Secret to Youthful Glowing Skin

Diana Stalder achieve that youthful glowing skin
Aging is a process that almost every person fears. Changes in the skin inevitably happen as years pass. Gravity causes skin to droop downwards due to its continuous pull on our bodies and facial skin. Also, exposure to UV light or Ultraviolet radiation, breaks down our skin’s connective tissue which speeds the natural aging process and becomes the primary...

Get Your Skin Ready For Summer at Diana Stalder

Diana Stalder's Travel Kit
Summer is approaching real fast and the sun is shining extra strong! That means on top of everyone's list is none other than SUNSCREEN! One of the most common misconceptions in buying sunscreen is "the higher the SPF, the stronger the sun protection." More often than not, people with dark skin tend to buy sunscreen with SPF 50 or...