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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Novuhair: Nature’s Answer to Hair loss

How does hair grow? Hair undergoes cycles of growth which last for about 2 to 6 years. Each hair grows about 1 cm per month. Under normal condition, 90% of the hair in your scalp is in growth phase and 10% is in resting phase. The resting hair will fall out after 2-3 months and new hair will start to...

Bianca Festejo Hub Opens Its Biggest Branch At Promenade Greenhills

Bianca Festejo Greenhills
Getting pampered and beautified these days has never been this easy and inspiring as Bianca Festejo Hub opens its new branch at the ground level of Promenade Greenhills. Attracting a new breed of aspirational clients who are go-getter, fashion-forward, and family-oriented, this chic location is bound to become a new mecca for all things hair, skin, nails, and permanent...

Pantene Philippines Calls on Filipinas to be #StrongerNow

Pantene Stronger Now
There is no denying that Filipinas are strong and beautiful women—but what does it really take to become one? Filipinas live in a tiis-ganda culture where they go through lengths of unimaginable pain to look beautiful. Any sign of imperfection is tucked away, concealed. A scar is covered with makeup, a struggle is hidden with a smile when it should...

Secrets On How To Look Cool and Fabulous Effortlessly

Kianna Dy Head & Shoulders Chie Filomeno
Star Athlete Kianna Dy and Celebrity Chie Filomeno Share Insider Info on their Daily Routines If you thought that there’s nothing in common between volleyball star Kianna Dy and celebrity Chie Filomeno, then you’re in for a surprise. Read on to find out some unique facts about them, plus their secrets on how they manage to look effortlessly cool and...

Cocky Pomade by Moe’s Professionals

Cocky Pomade
Cocky Pomade by Moe's Professionals Product Claim: Cocky Pomade is designed for every top-class guy – from classic to modern men. This uniquely-scented pomade has a strong hold that lasts all day without the stiffness to provide the maximum flexibility to cover every guy’s style. Cocky Pomade gives a moderate shine that keeps you looking sharp, and the important thing...