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School Time Made Easier at Home: 5 Benefits of Using a Tablet for Online Schooling

Huawei launches an upgraded New Huawei MatePad and MatePad T10 LTE in time for students going back to school at home

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School season is right around the corner. But with online schooling still being the norm among educational institutions, there is no seeing physical classrooms and cafeterias just yet. This doesn’t mean, however, that students cannot achieve the optimum learning experience offered by traditional modalities. With the right tools and devices, and the tutelage of dedicated teachers and parents, young learners can attain a remote schooling experience that is just as fulfilling, exciting and nurturing.

One device that gained popularity when online learning was implemented last year is the tablet. Handy and portable, this device is capable of handling essential tasks related to studying without the hefty price tag of usual devices like laptops. They can be used to take notes, read textbooks, do homework, participate in gamified lessons, engage in live lectures, and even watch educational videos.

Here are five benefits to using tablets for online schooling:

  • Immersive Virtual Classroom Experience Made Possible by Large Screens and Impressive Audio Technology

Many may have dreaded going inside classrooms at 7 in the morning or every after lunch break for it means a hard stop for all the silly corridor games, the squad bond in the canteen, or worse, the crunch time for exam review. Still, there is no denying that being in an actual classroom helps students to be extra collaborative and engaging with their peers and their teachers.

To address this in the new normal of learning, tablets bring the virtual classroom experience closer to reality with their large screens. The New Huawei MatePad, for instance, has an 84 percent screen-to-body ratio and 2K FullView Display that lets students see their teachers, review lectures and reading materials, and watch audio-visual presentations in superb quality.

Audio clarity isn’t also an issue on the New Huawei MatePad, which is equipped with a quad-speaker set up to ensure the effective transference of knowledge. Not only will students be able to hear from their teachers as clearly as if they were physically in a classroom, but they will also get to lower noise thanks to the noise reduction support built into the device.

Parents may also be wary of the effects of long-term screen usage on the eye health of their children. To ease their worries and to curb the negative effects of considerable screen time, Huawei came up with multi-layered eye protection for its tablets such as the MatePad T10 LTE. By reducing harmful blue light at the source, HUAWEI MatePads alleviate eye fatigue and protect the users’ eyesight. The Eye Comfort mode on HUAWEI MatePad has achieved the stringent TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification for its ability to reduce harmful blue light and prevent eye fatigue, making it an ideal mate for learning as it protects users’ eyes and wellbeing.

  • Productivity Boost Brought by Intelligent Interactions and Smart Features

The convenience of using tablets also goes beyond just portability. Modern tablets are now capable of intelligent interactions buttressed by a myriad of smart features. These intelligent interactions boost the productivity of young learners by providing solutions to pain points that have long been present in the user experience of multiple smart devices.

Huawei has long been committed to making tablets more user-friendly. Multi-screen Collaboration, Multi-Window, and APP Multiplier are just some of the many UX solutions the tech giant has incorporated in its devices to help its customers optimize daily cogs and gears.

Multi-screen Collaboration allows the mirroring of Huawei smartphones into MatePad Screens and the seamless sharing of files between two devices. Prior to this, users can easily set up the feature with a simple tap on the phone or through scanning a designated QR code — both convenient and straightforward. Once connected, users will see their smartphone UI displayed on the MatePad screen, which allows them to simply drag files from the phone and drop them into the email body or as attachments on the tablet. Whether it’s a picture of whiteboard notes captured during a lecture or actual files downloaded on different devices, file consolidation in the New Huawei MatePad will definitely be a breeze.

On a singular school day, a student may have to join at least three to five different classes with various instructors. This leads to a long list of homework, tasks, and modules that needs to be accomplished alongside each other. A great feature of both the New Huawei MatePad and the MatePad T10 LTE that is a helpful aid in multitasking is the App Multiplier. Through this feature, the users’ singular screen can display two apps at a time — increasing efficiency in handling a plethora of tasks.

  • Ease of Online Access Care of Multiple Connectivity Options

A crucial component to successful online schooling is a reliable internet connection. Students today need to download and upload several documents of varying sizes — not to mention the need to join synchronous classes and participate in live online activities. A slow internet connection may just add to the pile of anxiety-triggering factors that can derail a student’s academic performance.

This year, Huawei decided to include Wi-Fi 6 connectivity to some of its devices, the New Huawei MatePad included. Thanks to the Wi-Fi 6 support on the New Huawei MatePad, the scenarios above will be well supported with a blazing-fast online connection. Wi-Fi 6 connectivity offers a download speed of 1,200 Mbps per stream. On a Wi-Fi 6 connection, users can quickly and reliably download large videos needed for asynchronous classes, or large email attachments that detail the day’s lessons.

Wi-Fi 6 does not only boost speed for the New Huawei MatePad, but it also relieves internet congestion in crowded areas thanks to its low latency. Having a low latency connection leads to lag-free and smooth online interaction.

Parents will also be delighted to know that some tablets can be connected via LTE as they already come with SIM slots. This means that families can save up on the need to invest in multiple devices for connection. As a SIM-ready tablet, the Huawei MatePad LTE can function as both an educational tool and a regular communication device between children and their parents. It also broadens the options for connectivity should unfortunate circumstances as offline connection occur.

  • Efficient Parental Supervision Made Easy by In-Device Safeguards

Other valid concerns that parents have for their kids using tablets are screen dependence, access to inappropriate content, and potential eye strain. Huawei, in a bid to help busy parents still supervise their children remotely, came up with Kid’s Corner.

Huawei MatePads for Online Schooling - Efficient Parental Supervision

Kid’s Corner is designed for younger users of the Huawei MatePad line. Parents can not only set tablet usage limits but also customize the Homepage layout by adding frequently used apps onto it so the kids can easily access them. They can also implement strict time management to ensure that their children rest from a day’s work on the tablet. Furthermore, parents can lock certain files so as to protect kids from unnecessary apps or media content, helping them to form healthy habits when using the tablet.

The Kid’s Corner also has 4-layer protection for eye care: Blue Light Filter, Posture Alerts, Bumpy Road Alerts, and e-book mode, all of which ensure the optical wellbeing of young users.

  • Smart and Economic Substitute for Laptops

In a period of uncertainty, it is a common response that people tighten the belt. Yet, parents would never let their children have insufficient tools in dealing with academic tasks and requirements.

To make technology more attainable and to give Filipinos more options for devices, Huawei constantly launches arrays of products that can improve the smart lifestyle of Filipinos — most recent of which are the New Huawei MatePad and the MatePad T10 LTE. If laptops are out of economic reach, these powerful tablets are worthy substitutes in successfully doing the job.

The New Huawei MatePad retails for only Php 18,999, while the Huawei MatePad T10 LTE is available for only Php 7,999. Until June 18, purchasers of these products can take home special first-sale freebies from Huawei. The New Huawei MatePad will be retailing with a free Huawei Smart Keyboard worth Php 6,999 and an Entertainment Package composed of a Bluetooth speaker, notebook, and tractable data cable worth Php 2,099 in Huawei Concept Stores and partner stores nationwide. If customers add the New Huawei MatePad to the cart online, it will be coming with a free Huawei Smart Keyboard, too, and a Bluetooth speaker worth Php 1,499. Purchasers of the Huawei MatePad T10 LTE also get a free flip cover worth Php 990.

The new generation of Huawei MatePads is now available in all Huawei Concept Stores, official online store, and flagship stores on Shopee and Lazada. For more information on the New Huawei MatePad and Huawei MatePad T10 LTE, customers may visit the links below:

New Huawei MatePad on Shopee

New Huawei MatePad on Lazada

MatePad T10 LTE on Shopee 

MatePad T10 LTE on Lazada

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